Through (hereafter referred to as ‘SpeakersDen’), Athenas helps speakers, course-holders and moderators (hereafter referred to as ‘Speaker’) create professional development, visibility and increased revenue. The terms & conditions shall contribute to orderliness and cooperation between SpeakersDen and the Speaker, and shall be binding on both parties.

The Speaker may either register his/her own profile on, or SpeakersDen can create the profile for the Speaker to commit to and keep updated.
SpeakersDen accepts no responsibility or liability for errors that a Speaker registers on his/her profile, nor for photos that Speaker publishes but does not have the rights to.
SpeakersDen will not publish a profile containing offensive or discriminating language or images. To delete a profile, the Speaker must notify SpeakersDen in writing. SpeakersDen will then delete the profile within 7 days.

SpeakersDen will present the Speaker’s profile at and through digital media channels. The profile is being listed when organizers search for the topics that the Speaker has registered, by paying for Adwords, as well as marketing through events, advertisements, social media and media coverage.

SpeakersDen communicates current assignments on behalf of the organizer by sending an email to the Speaker. The Speaker must confirm whether the assignment is accepted based on the conditions presented.
In the aftermath of the confirmation, SpeakersDen will provide a dialogue between the Speaker and the organizer about the exact time, place and content of the assignment, as well as coverage of travel and stay costs. If the Speaker is unable to complete an appointment agreed upon, the Speaker must notify SpeakersDen within 72 hours prior to commencement of the assignment. SpeakersDen’s obligations to the Speaker lapse and SpeakersDen is free to engage another Speaker to complete the booking.

The Speaker presents the minimum price (excl. VAT) for an assignment on his/her profile. For all assignments that go through SpeakersDen, a commission of 10% of the agreed price is calculated for all profiles. Any VAT in addition. Documented travel expenses are excluded. Other types of travel and accommodation will be based on the cheapest travel by air, bus, boat or train.

When the Speaker has completed an assignment, the Speaker sends the invoice to SpeakersDen.

Both SpeakersDen and the Speaker rely on delivering quality to achieve success. SpeakersDen reserves the right to delete profiles in the unfortunate event of receiving complaints from organizers.

The Speaker shall not enter into agreements directly with organizers, if contact between the Speaker and organizer is established through Neither shall the Speaker offer a lower price to organizers that contact the Speaker directly, if the contact has been established via The Speaker cannot write reviews of him-/herself, or pay others to write them.

If SpeakersDen does not comply with these terms, the Speaker is entitled to having his/her profile deleted, but is not entitled to any compensation. If the Speaker violates any of these terms, SpeakersDen may delete the Speaker’s profile. SpeakersDen then has no responsibility for any consequences.

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