How to book a speaker

SpeakersDen aims towards helping you find the most suitable speaker for your event. On SpeakersDen you will find a growing number of speakers and their exciting and informative keynotes within a wide range of subjects.

To book a keynote speaker for your event - follow these steps:

1. Search by subject or speaker’s name

Select “categories” to access the wide selection of subjects and choose from the selection. After selecting a subject that suits your event, the keynote speakers related to that subject appear. You can also type in the preferred subject or speaker’s name in the search field or click “speakers” to see a list of all speakers.

2. Select speaker

Select your speaker of interest and get more information on the speaker, keynotes and price through the profile. Here you can also see reviews of the speakers by others who have booked the speaker.

3. Send a request

When you have found the suitable speaker, click “send a request” and fill in the necessary fields. Please provide us with information about the event in the large box like the type of event, number of people attending, theme, location, duration etc.

After sending the request, you will get a reply from SpeakersDen as soon as possible. If the speaker in mind is unavailable on the particular date of the event, we will do everything we can to help you find an alternative speaker.

4. Close the deal

When you get the confirmation from SpeakersDen, we will discuss all the necessary details to reach an agreement. You have to accept our terms & conditions before we can make the final deal. SpeakersDen will ensure that you and the speaker have the same information and expectations.

5. After the event

Go to the speaker’s profile at to review the speaker. This gives valuable feedback for the speaker and important information for future customers.

After the event you will receive an invoice with the sum agreed upon.

Are you a speaker?

SpeakersDen is created to facilitate communication between event planners, corporations, institutions, organizations and you as a speaker, to ensure a great experience for both parts.

SpeakersDen is a unique service in that we provide reviews of speakers from customers. This benefits the speaker with a good, descriptive review and helps the customer choose the right speaker for their event.

We will promote you on Google, Facebook and newsletters.

Use SpeakersDen for better marketing and the possibility of getting more bookings.

1. Create a profile

You can create your own profile on SpeakersDen by signing up with your email and your own password. When you sign up you will receive an e-mail you have to accept. When you accept this e-mail you also agree to our Terms and Conditions. Now you can build your profile with a picture, short descriptions of as a speaker, your keynotes and starting price. When you finished writing your profile, we will review it and publish it.

When published, your profile is visible for the public. You will then be found via your name or your keynote subjects.

2. Requests from customers

When a company, an event planner or an organisation wants to book you as a speaker for their event, we will receive the request and get in contact with you to sort out the necessary details on price, location, content or duration.

3. After the event

Send your invoice with the price agreed upon + travel costs to SpeakersDen. We will send it forward to the customer.

SpeakersDen’s commission is always 10%.

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